Tom McCaffery

Director, Manufacturing

Tom McCaffery has managed strategy and culture for 25 years. He has been the executive responsible for executing strategy, leading high performing cross-functional teams, and finding innovative ways of creating shared value in manufacturing, aerospace, government, and applied academia. Tom is obsessed with managing organizational culture in a way that creates competitive
His roles have all been growth and development focused. In government, Tom is responsible for developing strategic economic development policy that leads to growth and diversification. He’d like to think of himself as the MacGyver of business transformation and growth because it sounds cool, but he realizes that would be romanticising something that is actually very difficult, often painful, and rarely feels good.
With this in mind, Tom has devoted his time in government to support manufacturing companies to think outside the box. He has developed programs focused on getting manufacturing firms to look outside their traditional lines of business, adopt advanced technologies, export, and develop supply chains differently. These programs each track return on investment for the Alberta economy, attracted media attention, and have millions of dollars in new investments and revenue generated by
the participating firms.
Companies not only have to think differently, government policy must also evolve, and Tom’s work has been at the forefront. In today’s environment of economic constraint, government economic development must have a return on investment. The industry development programs Tom leads have created an ecosystem of industry, academia, government, and students that all derive value.
Tom has authored and co-authored academic papers on competitive advantage and dynamic management capabilities. He holds a Masters degree, project management credential, writes for Future Shapers, Canadian Manufacturing, and is completing his first book on managing values in complex organizations.