Ron Wallace

Ron Wallace, Ph.D., has extensive research, consulting and regulatory experience in the Canadian and Siberian Arctic. As Executive Vice President of a major Canadian engineering firm, he consulted for the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on international resource management projects. He was assigned lead responsibilities by Canada and the World Bank for the emergency assessment and containment of the Kharyaga Pipeline oil spill near Usinsk, Russia work which was subsequently recognized with the 1996 Alberta Emerald Award for Environmental Excellence. He was also awarded the 1997 Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters Canada prize for projects undertaken with U.S. and Russian corporate inter ests associated with the development of natural gas pipelines on the Yamal Peninsula, Russia. He was CEO and vice – chairman of a publicly – traded Canadian defence manufacturer that won the 2001 Corporate Technical Achievement Award and the 2004 Alberta Entr epreneur of the Year Award for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. He is a Fellow of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute and of the University of Calgary School of Public Policy. He has authored numerous papers and Op – Ed articles published in the nat ional press on strategic defense, Arctic policy matters, and Canadian energy regulation. He has been appointed to numerous regulatory boards for federal, provincial and territorial government agencies dealing with energy and environmental issues work that included service as Executive Director of the Inuvialuit Water Board and Chief Operating Officer of the Nunavut Resources Corporation. In 2013 he was appointed as a Permanent Member of the National Energy Board, from which he retired in November 2016. H e received a Ministerial appointment as Vice – Chair to the Advisory Committee established to develop the Alberta Environmental Monitoring Agency and in 2019 was appointed as the GNWT representative to the Inuvialuit Environmental Impact Screening Committee and the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board.