Leah La Salle


Technical Founder & CEO
Astral AR

Leah La Salla is the Technical Founder & CEO of Astral AR, a technology startup in Austin Texas that builds unbiased public safety solutions for uniformed first responders that utilize patented AI and sensors to detect guns and stop bullets. La Salla spent much of her free time in high school working in her aviation engineer dad’s super precision tool – and – die machine shop in the Chicago area. After studying CAD Design in college, La Salla gained fifteen years’ experience in software engineering (inclu ding five years as a federal government employee) while teaching herself to program in an additional 9 languages. She’s worked on a wide range of technically unusual products including fabrication application development, industrial printing, and more conv entional app development and app security. Since being at the helm of Astral AR, La Salla and her company have won numerous awards including the 2018 Audience Choice Awards at Google NYC’s Women Startup Challenge and named as a Top 25 Venture by the SheEO Foundation. La Salla has also served as a Tech Panelist at Harvard’s Undergraduate Women’s Intercollegiate Business Convention at Harvard Science Center. For the last two years La Salla’s team’s peer – reviewed papers have been accepted and presented at IE EE’s yearly Global Humanitarian Technology Conference. La Salla’s work with Astral AR has been featured by BBC News, CNN, Fast Company , Forbe s, Inc . , and others – and her social media handle is Open Sorceress.