Jeremy James

Jeremy James has had senior management positions in the technology industry for more than 35 years. He has co – Founded or founded four high tech companies one which listed successfully on the London Stock Exchange. Companies that he has contributed to are i n a variety of market segments such as: milaerospace, telecom, medical devices, consumer electronics, semiconductors, education, and robotics; and include Bell – Northern Research, DY – 4 Systems, Precise Software and Arc Cores International. He has developed robotic systems for: Krauss – Maffei Vegman, NASA Ames Research Center, the Canadian Space Agency, RCMP, Booz Allen Hamilton, and universities in 16 countries. One of these robots has an honorary degree in Computer Science from the University of Toledo. His current company, Cohort Systems, will be bringing to market in 2020 an Autonomous Patrol Vehicle for outdoor physical security application. Jeremy co – founded Precise Software which focussed primarily on proving embedded software for consumer communication s products. He then co – founded the world’s first chipless fabless semiconductor vender called Arc Cores International and contributed to the simultaneous listing on the London Stock Exchange and NASDQ. He earned the title of Arc Cores Fellow for this contr ibution and became one level more near sighted in the process. Jeremy is a Senior Member of IEEE, represents Canada internationally on NATO Stanag 4817 MultiDomain Control Station protocol development and as a subject matter export in autonomous systems safety at ISO JTC1/SC 7. Jeremy’s interests include: STEM education, mentoring students in entrepreneurship, Human Robot Collaboration, Goal Based Reasoning, and Tru sted Communication. He has BSc and MSc degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary.